Hanapa'a Sushi Company's "Ahi with Natto Donburi"

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SourceHanapa'a Sushi Company Executive Director of Operations Norlan Horita
Prep time
15 minutes
Cooking time
30 minutes
Total time
45 minutes


Hanapa'a Sushi Company's "Ahi with Natto Donburi"


12 oz
cooked sushi rice
6 oz
fresh ahi (cubed or diced)- hawaiian big-eye tuna is best
6 oz
hikiwari natto or maui natto (any brand of your choice)
1 ds
hawaiian salt (to taste)
2 t
sesame oil
1 T
2 t
cucumber diced (japanese cucumber)
2 T
hari hari zuke (chopped pickled vegetables)
1 T
amazu shoga (red pickled ginger)
1 T
green onion (finely sliced)


In a mixing bowl, simply combine the fresh fish, sesame oil and salt. Keep cold. On a shallow serving bowl or plate, layer sushi rice, furikake, natto, fresh fish mix, hari zuke, cucumbers, amazu shoga, green onions and kaiware (radish) sprouts, in this order. Enjoy!


To add more flavor, add a teriyaki glaze as a drizzle to go with the Natto flavor. Also wasabi and soy sauce is the ubiquitous choice for this dish as a base condiment. Add thinly sliced Ewa Sweet onions to give the dish extra texture and flavor. Feel free to substitute any other sashimi grade fish with this recipe. Find these ingredients, and enjoy this recipe with a chilled glass of Asahi, Sapporo or Kirin beer found at your nearest Times Supermarket! Shoots Den!


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