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Hawaii has a unique cuisine native to these islands found nowhere else in the world. Li Hing Gummy Bears, Spam Musubi, Manapua, & Loco Moco’s are dishes created right here in our backyard. Where else in the world does one culture combine multiple flavors into a unique dish? Only in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Grown TV is OC16’s premiere television show destination for food and lifestyle programming. The unique television show and web site are committed to exploring new and interesting ways to approach food - through pop culture, adventure, travel - while also expanding a repertoire of technique-based information.

Hawaiian Grown TV is a leading online destination for both the food and TV categories in Hawaii. We plan to have the largest crossover audiences of any local TV network and the #1 food site on the web for locals. The site includes recipes and contains such topical categories as TV, video, cooking basics and demos, parties, easy entertaining, healthy lifestyle ideas, & drinks.

From television viewer to online user to consumer and back again. That is the powerful Hawaiian Grown TV circle that brings a pre-qualified audience face-to-face with the advertiser. More than just a recipe resource, is an integral component of the Hawaiian Grown TV brand promise. It sparks creativity and exploration in viewers’ kitchens all while sparking a greater appreciation for food.

Hawaiian Grown TV’s goal is to make us the number one local television program and ad-supported food site on the web in Hawaii. is like no other convergence platform, with friendly utilities and engaging design that inspire the same passion—and audience loyalty—that will make Hawaiian Grown TV one of the Hawaii’s industry’s biggest success stories.

With a production schedule that is synchronized to the various seasons throughout the year, Hawaiian Grown TV makes it possible to target potential buyers when and where demand is the highest. Year-round sponsorship packages make Hawaiian Grown TV a cost-effective way to build your name recognition and brand loyalty.

Some advertising opportunities available on include:

  1. TV Show Guest Appearance
    As a sponsor you will be able to actively participate within the show. The guest's name and affiliation will be visible by on-screen lower third tags when appropriate, introduced at the beginning of the show as well as with voiceover when appropriate, shown in action throughout the entire show, and thanked on air by the host as the show closes. Guest's products will be used and discussed on air (when appropriate) by your company's representative and the host of the show. Participating in the show will provide you constant on screen exposure throughout the entire show.
  2. Product Exclusivity
    As a sponsor, your company will have exclusive rights as the sole provider of that product type on Hawaiian Grown TV. Hawaiian Grown TV staff and guests will be on air using your product in the field and kitchen discussing its effectiveness. This will insure maximum integration into the show and eliminate any competing products from use in new shows shot during the sponsorship contract.
  3. Product Spotlight
    This allows our viewers a closer, more detailed look into the features and benefits of your products. We will allow your representatives the opportunity promote your products in their best light through detailed on air description and demonstration. Product spotlight segments run between 5 to 7 minutes in length.
  4. Product Used & Endorsed
    As sponsors, your products will be used on air and visible to the viewers. The viewers will see our hosts successfully using your products and endorse them on air. Efforts will be made to integrate product provided by our sponsors as long as it does not detract from the show content.
  5. Billboards
    Displayed at the beginning, end and within commercial breaks of each show, the billboard will display your company logo, phone numbers and internet addresses along with the company slogan.
  6. Internet Advertising
    Our Internet Advertising gives you guaranteed constant exposure because we do not use rotating banner ads. Your banner ads will direct targeted viewers directly to your own unique dedicated web page within the domain (promoted on the show). Your unique web page will feature your company’s logo, product descriptions, web link to your web site, your own TV 30 commercial and contact information. Internet advertising lasts throughout the duration of the sponsor’s contract.
  7. Guest Appearance
    Another opportunity to discuss your products in great detail and how/where they may be purchased.
  8. Sweepstakes Promotion Tie-Ins
    What better way to gain viewers and online users than to give away valuable prizes for FREE!
  9. eNewsletters
    Our weekly newsletter reaches more than 13,000 subscribers who suib scribe through our web site.
  10. Custom Television Sponsorship Opportunities: This content can include such packages as cooking vignettes aired on TV and hosted online - and other specialized marketing vehicles.

We hope you’ll join our ‘ohana and help us bring this new and exciting concept to the people of Hawaii!

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Hawaiian Grown TV LLC produces both Hawaiian Grown TV, a "Farm to Table" TV series, and Hawaiian Grown Kitchen, a 30-minute Cooking TV Series filmed at Y. Hata's ChefZone. Both shows are broadcast on OC16 statewide to the state of Hawaii.



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