Taking you to New Heights

We want to make the world see the hidden wonders that are stacked here in Hawaii. From the amazing foods that we enjoy to the different sites and places that provide the ultimate Hawaiian experience. We provide the eyes that would give anyone the insights on where to go and what to do when they get a chance to visit here. Doing all this and adding a sense of adventure and fun, it is always a great journey to venture and explore places that you have never heard of before and actually get to see how great they are with your very own eyes.

For instance there are a lot of great foods and locations featured in HawaiianGrownKitchen, which is a show here in HawaiianGrownTV that a lot of people have never heard about yet. HawaiianGrownKitchen features these products, and shows the world just how amazing they are and where to get them. Also they do it in a very informative yet fun way, you actually get to learn about the product in a fun, enjoyable, and interesting manner. They even go behind the scenes and actually show how these products are manufactured, what goes in them, stuff like that and that really makes an interesting show for anyone.

This show gives a great opportunity for businesses out there to be heard and seen,  to finally get some airtime exposure that would hopefully help in jumpstarting their businesses to the next level. They have already featured some farms, restaurants, and all sorts of places here in Hawaii that are less known but provide one of the best gastronomical experiences out there. 

HawaiianGrownTV strongly supports Hawaiian local products, they enjoy featuring them on their show and so does their audiences. We feature a lot of them in our shows, we believe that that world should know more about these great locally grown products. They are here to feature the best of what your business can offer and show them off to the different kinds of customers out there, and they have fun while doing it.