Let’s Go Hawaiian Party!

Your birthday is fast approaching and you are thinking of a unique party theme.  How about a Hawaiian party? Well, that’s a good idea.  This could be a great deal of fun, you thought.  But first, you need to remember essential things that will make your Hawaiian party successful and memorable.  Here’s how: 

*Decorate your house or any place outside with fake palm trees, hula girls and surfers.

*Invite your friends and ask them to wear Hawaiian-style shirts, flower printed board shorts or long pants and flip-flops.

*You can buy tropical decorations from party or department stores. If you cannot find tiki torches, you can replace them with lanterns.

*Give your guests lei as they arrive to the party. If you want to make real flower leis, you must make them the night before the party.  But paper leis are ideal as well.

*If possible, try to set up the party outside.  You can make a palm tree and cut out a few cardboard pieces for an ocean effect and a big table for everyone eat the food.

*For great effect, you can get a little dish in the shape of a coconut, pineapple, or palm tree.

*Get cool cups with little umbrellas in them or cups shaped like a hollowed out coconut.  And there you have a perfect Hawaiian beverage cup.

*Serve Hawaiian food like pineapple, grilled MahiMahi (Dolphin fish) or chicken, fresh fruits and juices. You may also cook rice. 

*Get some coconut milk and lots of pineapple chunks.

*Prepare Hawaiian music for a relaxing mood.  But for more upbeat music you can try to play Three Plus or Ten Feet.

*Look for someone who can teach you a few hula moves and try dancing with grass skirts. 

You can try to follow these simple tips on how to make your Hawaiian party indeed memorable and worth remembering.  But for hassle-free Hawaiian party, you can get the services of Hawaiian Grown Catering.  It is worth your money because with us, we can set up the best Hawaiian party that you and your friends will truly enjoy.