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27 May

Make the Most of Everything

Hawaiian Grown Kitchen features various personalities and their business.  Food and the Hawaiian spirit are two equally important things that matter in Hawaii.   

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18 May

Best Food, Great Fun!

Summer is just around the corner and you’ve been yearning to break from the monotony of life.  There are several vacation spots you wish to spend your long-awaited summer holidays.  

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18 May

Let’s Go Hawaiian Party!

Your birthday is fast approaching and you are thinking of a unique party theme.  How about a Hawaiian party? Well, that’s a good idea.  This could be a great deal of fun, you thought.  But first, you need to remember essential things that will make your Hawaiian party successful and memorable.

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04 Apr

It’s Luau Party Time!

Have you come across Hawaiian luau party? If you have not heard of it yet, then I will give you some idea about it.  This kind of Hawaiian party is an intricate type of Hawaiian feast that involves dining Hawaiian cuisine and entertain guests the way Hawaiian does.

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Hawaiian Grown TV LLC produces both Hawaiian Grown TV, a "Farm to Table" TV series, and Hawaiian Grown Kitchen, a 30-minute Cooking TV Series filmed at Y. Hata's ChefZone. Both shows are broadcast on OC16 statewide to the state of Hawaii.



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